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Kelly Summers
My current concentration is trading on the exchanges, and this website is a great place to share my knowledge and to provide an additional insight. I have a degree in Business Management and presently work as an economist.

Actually, I started as an amateurish investor without any specific education in financial analysis or personal finance. I had never worked in the financial industry; nevertheless, I had read a lot of financial books, journals, and websites.

It took me 5 years to understand how the stock markets function. It took me another 5 years to understand the process of trading. Now I consider myself an experienced trader. On this website I discuss stock options and how to make money through stock exchange.

Vulture Investing: Great Strategy for Bear Market
May 08, 2008
For an average individual investor a sliding market means bad news. His or her entrusted investment is going downhill along with troubled companies. However, some investors, in particular vulture investors armed with tons of money target these troubl...
How to Evaluate New Business Project
May 06, 2008
The process of evaluation of a new business project involves multiple steps. Some investors often find it challenging to accurately forecast the future outcome of a new project, especially when armed only with a business plan and company�s financials...
Diamonds Forever
April 24, 2008
Lately, we�ve been talking much about the weakening dollar, increasing oil, strong gold and precious metals; and nobody mentioned diamonds. Diamonds and other gems in times of deteriorating economy usually act just like precious metals, i.e. tend to ...
The Great Investors: Prince Alwaleed
April 24, 2008
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the son of the Saudi Arabia king�s brother, has many names and titles. He is the richest Arab by Power 100 - The World´s Most Powerful Arabs 2008, the most successful Arabian businessman, and som...
Share Buyback: What Does It Mean for Investors?
April 24, 2008
Share Buyback occurs quite frequently on the stock market (well, at least in good times). The decision to repurchase shares is made by persons who are well-informed about the company�s financial situation. Investors can also use this move to receive ...
How Soon Will the Auto Industry Revive?
April 03, 2008
With sinking sales to job cuts by the thousands, it�s no great exaggeration to say that the American industry is in dire straits. The DJ US Automobile Index has declined by more than 21 percent in recent months (See the chart below).

Investing in Russia: An Optimistic Scenario
April 02, 2008
As the recession in the United States deepens, the growth of the world economy, which heavily depends on this country, shows signs of slowing. It seems like 2008 is not going to be a year of great global achievements. However, a small number of count...
High Yield Investment Program � Reality or Scam?
March 28, 2008
High profit and minimum risk are two main factors people consider when they make investment decisions. Not everyone though is successful in attaining and sustaining this level throughout the life of their investment. There are different ways to poten...
Tourism Sector Will Stand the Recession
March 25, 2008
Many articles like 10 Ways to Save a Grand in One Year or 4 Ways to Spend Less advise Americans to cut their costs as much as possible (although the logic suggests that the less we spend, the deeper the recession is). Certainly, many families will ha...
Value investing
March 25, 2008
I bet you've heard the names Benjamin Graham, Davis Dodd, Warren Buffet, Irving Kahn or John Templeton. They all became very successful as a result of applying the strategy known as value investing. What is so remarkable about the strategy that made...

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