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John Gazy
I graduated from college in 1992 with a degree in information technology. Upon graduation I worked as an information systems consultant for the next nine years. I was involved mainly in developing Windows-based client/server applications. During that period, the late 90�s, I also became interested in the stock market. My interest really intensified in the early 2000s for a couple of reasons.

The technological boom of course has greatly contributed to my desire to get to know the market and also my working place that gave me the confidence to plunge into unknown world of stocks with a great degree of impassivity. I became persuaded that trading is a profession and that it requires professional approach. I left my work after the last project was over and decided to dedicate myself completely to stock trading. I was convinced that it would be a great opportunity to make money for living. Currently I am helping other people to make money by trading stocks.

On this site I primarily talk about how to make money by selling and buying stocks. However, it did not become a detrimental obsession. I fully enjoy my life by regularly playing poker with my friends and spending holidays playing golf. Despite the fact that my wife does not share my fascination with stock market games, I need some adrenalin, and poker, golf, and stock market provide it in abundance.

Bear Market Rules
April 04, 2008
The phase the economy is currently going through can be defined as the bear market. The bear market is a market that is declining over time. The opposite as you might know is the bull market. It�s hard to estimate all potential risks the bear can inf...
Growth Investing
April 04, 2008
Growth investing is an investment strategy that seeks to increase capital by investing in stocks the investor believes will increase in value, regardless of the stock's current price relative to its underlying value. Growth is often discussed in cont...
Cash Investments
April 01, 2008
When the economy is in recession and there is no any sign of recovery, most investors tend to avoid investing in stocks and other risky securities. Instead, they prefer to keep their assets in cash or at best in bonds. While holding cash might not be...
Mergers and Acquisitions as a Way to Raise Capital
March 29, 2008
The raising of capital is one of the critical activities a company must do well to succeed. Research and development of a new product, building a new plant or gaining new market share all require additional capital. There are a number of ways a compa...
Investing in Chile
March 27, 2008
What comes to your mind when you hear the word Chile? Probably not much, right? I bet you think of beautiful beaches, women and the annual Rio de Janeiro carnival when it comes to Brazil. Peru associates with mysteries from the long lost past. Argen...
Arbitrage is Profitable Strategy
March 18, 2008
I bet you have come across the word �arbitrage� in a financial article or heard it either from your friends or fund managers. You will find this article very resourceful and useful if you are not familiar or don�t understand the concept of this impor...
African Markets are Alternative for Emerging Ones
March 12, 2008
What comes to your mind when you think of Africa? Poverty and civil war? And how about investment? Yes, you can invest in Africa.

The number of African counties with growing economies is increasing. John Orford, South Africa-based strategist at...
Depositary Receipt Programs
February 28, 2008
I bet most of you have heard of PetroChina, ICICI Bankor Nokia. Indeed, these companies are currently very much spoken of in the financial media world. Many analysts recommend investing in their stocks. Despite the fact that they are non-US companies...
Pairs Trade Can Reduce Your Losses
February 27, 2008
I bumped into a friend of mine the other day who told me that he does not make investments due to certain convictions. He prefers holding money in his bank account. His answer made me think of a low risk market-neutral strategy. It turned out that su...
Japan Might Be Extremely Profitable Investment
February 14, 2008
As previously expected, analysts have finally stopped talking about China as the only favorable market for investment. Rumors say that Chinese stock market is a bubble and investors are drawing their attention away from it looking for alternative mar...

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