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Amy Tailor
On this website, I will try to explain why I think that the future belongs to the stock market. But first let me briefly introduce myself. I earned a B.A. degree in economics from Yale University in 1972, and my Master�s Degree in Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley in 1976.

From 1979 to 1985, I was in charge of the stock forecasting newsletter. I also have several publications on theoretical economics topics in academic journals dated back to 1990s. Following economic patterns brings together my interests in mathematics, markets and economics. Despite the fact that I am mostly into technicalities, I am highly interested in theory of stock market and investing principles of famous investors like Peter Lynch or Warren Buffet.

I am here to show how the market works and to help those without special education to plunge into the trades. I will give my very best to demonstrate what tools I use when I trade my stocks. The articles on this website will not bring you extra money but provide you with something more valuable � understanding of the stock market processes and ability to think and achieve your goals on your own.

Investing Strategies: GARP Investing
April 22, 2008
We have already introduced to our readers the strategies of value investing (investing in undervalued companies) and growth investing (investing in potentially aggressive companies). This article will discuss another investment strategy, a so-called ...
Land Investing
March 27, 2008
Investing in land for the most part has always been a great business. You buy a piece of land for $20,000 and re-sell it for $40,000 a couple of months later. Sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? If it does, then why shouldn�t you diversify your po...
Is Offshore Good or Bad?
March 24, 2008
The Princedom of Liechtenstein, a small country located between Switzerland and Austria, is one of those magical places dreamed up by novelists. Not only is it a great vacation resort but also one of the few places in the world that offer financial s...
From Riches to Rags
March 18, 2008
Sanjiv Sidhu, a bearded modest man, was once the richest Indian in the world. He could have become the richest individual in the world had not he lost almost everything in one day.

Sidhu was born in June 1957 in Hyderabad, India. In 1980, he rece...
The Great Investors: William Gann
March 18, 2008
�Periodicity is a characteristic of all phenomena of nature.�
William Gann

Nostradamus has been dead for nearly five centuries now but his predictions of major world events keep amazing people. Many believe that his ability to see things far in a...
How to Measure the Top of Stock Price?
March 10, 2008
How can we tell when the stock price has reached its highest point? Is there a way to figure out the stock's maximum possible growth? If the stock has increased by 100 percent in a single year, is there any perspective for further growth? Some invest...
Reading Financials and Other Company Information
February 29, 2008
Every investor eventually expects to receive the highest possible return on his or her investment. With over 9,000 companies available on the market, it can be quite challenging to make a rational investment decision.

Therefore, it is crucial to ...
Momentum Investing Beats the Market
February 27, 2008
It is the nature of human beings to be curious about the things other people, friends, acquaintances or famous people, have achieved in their life. In business, we look at those who has made more money this time and whose strategy has turned to be be...
Stock Liquidity
February 26, 2008
Liquidity is something that any investor should be familiar with, especially when he or she is looking into a short term investment. Imagine the situation where the stock you bought really cheap increases in value significantly but now you are having...
NASDAQ Capital Market Initial Listing Requirements
February 26, 2008
The process of �going public� is one of the most crucial events in a company�s life. It is at once a source of pride, an opportunity for business growth, and a serious legal responsibility.

In my recent article The Wizard World of the NASDAQ, I me...

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