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Amy Tailor
On this website, I will try to explain why I think that the future belongs to the stock market. But first let me briefly introduce myself. I earned a B.A. degree in economics from Yale University in 1972, and my Master�s Degree in Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley in 1976.

From 1979 to 1985, I was in charge of the stock forec...
John Gazy
I graduated from college in 1992 with a degree in information technology. Upon graduation I worked as an information systems consultant for the next nine years. I was involved mainly in developing Windows-based client/server applications. During that period, the late 90�s, I also became interested in the stock market. My interest really intensified...
Kelly Summers
My current concentration is trading on the exchanges, and this website is a great place to share my knowledge and to provide an additional insight. I have a degree in Business Management and presently work as an economist.

Actually, I started as an amateurish investor without any specific education in financial analysis or personal finance. I h...
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