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Being a Public Company
Mergers and Acquisitions as a Way to Raise Capital
John Gazy   |   March 29, 2008
The raising of capital is one of the critical activities a company must do well to succeed. Research and development of a new product, building a new plant or gaining new market share all require additional capital. There are a number of ways a compa...

Depositary Receipt Programs
John Gazy   |   February 28, 2008
I bet most of you have heard of PetroChina, ICICI Bankor Nokia. Indeed, these companies are currently very much spoken of in the financial media world. Many analysts recommend investing in their stocks. Despite the fact that they are non-US companies...

NASDAQ Capital Market Initial Listing Requirements
Amy Tailor   |   February 26, 2008
The process of �going public� is one of the most crucial events in a company�s life. It is at once a source of pride, an opportunity for business growth, and a serious legal responsibility.

In my recent article The Wizard World of the NASDAQ, I me...

The Wizard World of NASDAQ
Amy Tailor   |   February 12, 2008
In 1968, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) directed the National Association of Securities Dealers (today it�s FINRA � Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to create an automated stock market. On February 8, 1971, the National Associat...

Thinking about the OTCBB?
John Gazy   |   February 07, 2008
Have you ever heard of Adidas (ADDF) or Foster�s Group (FBRWF)? I bet you have. In case you have been living in a desert for the last 30 something years you can go to OTCBB and learn about these companies including their quotations. The OTC Bulletin...

Pink Sheets can be rather attractive for you
Kelly Summers   |   February 06, 2008
What do Rolls Royce Aerospace Division, Nestle Chocolate and Heineken Beer have in common? Although these companies are totally different, they are traded on the Pink Sheets electronic market.

Pink Sheets is an electronic quotation system which ha...

Successful Business Plan
Amy Tailor   |   January 28, 2008
A business plan is a crucial document when it comes to financing a project. Both private and public companies are required to have a business plan. As investors analyze various offers made by companies interested in attracting additional capital, the...

Regulation D Private Offerings
Kelly Summers   |   January 28, 2008
Private offerings are offerings of securities made to a small group of interested investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the regulating agency for Private Placement Offerings. Depending on the offering, there also might be one or...

Reverse Merger as a Way of �going public�
Kelly Summers   |   January 24, 2008
Once the owners of a company have made a decision of taking their private company public, they face another extremely important task, i.e. finding the way of its realization. A company can become public both through an initial public offering (IPO) o...

What is �going public� and is it Right for Your Company?
John Gazy   |   January 23, 2008
This is the first article in this section of this website intended to assist those issuers who never considered going public. First, we should start with introduction of some useful definitions related to public offering. The process of �going public...

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