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Players and Rules of the stock market
Securities market players
Amy Tailor   |   January 15, 2008
Securities market is a place where buyers and sellers of securities (stocks and bonds) meet. Several centuries ago they used to make deals directly. Nowadays, there exists a system of specialists for this purpose. You will find it quite interesting a...

Is Sarbanes - Oxley Act a panacea?
Amy Tailor   |   November 23, 2007
Are you familiar with the Enron story? You could not have possibly missed the scandal that has entailed a series of bankruptcies and resulted in modification of the US legislation.

Let me remind you that the Enron scandal was revealed in late 2001...

Working with Brokers
Kelly Summers   |   October 19, 2007
Ok, let�s suppose you have chosen the right broker. Now let�s examine the way you should work with your broker. You may of course want to let it all take its course, but you know � no pain, no gain! In order to minimize the risk of your investment, i...

Types of brokerage orders
John Gazy   |   October 17, 2007
Ok, you have chosen an appropriate broker. Now let�s decide how you should work with them. Certainly you may let it all take its course; however you remember � no pain, no gain! In order to decrease investing risk and thereby make yourself secure, it...

Securities market index
Kelly Summers   |   October 08, 2007
You probably have heard about indices, something like �the Dow rose 2.5%� or �the NASDAQ Composite dropped 311 points�. The Dow and NASDAQ Composite in this case mean indices, i.e. market figures. It�s quite difficult to learn the ropes in indices, b...

US Securities market
Kelly Summers   |   October 08, 2007
The US securities market is a place where many companies (from penny stocks to large-caps) and investors with hundred to million dollar portfolios gather together. Here you could buy the stocks of over 20,000 issuer companies, and its capitalization ...

Stock regulation in the USA
Amy Tailor   |   October 04, 2007
Securities market regulation that seems so distant and uninteresting for common investors, in fact concerns them directly. A well-shaped system of the US regulatory authorities from Congress to the state organs strives to safe investors from possible...

Overview of the main American exchanges
John Gazy   |   October 02, 2007
When I first decided to invest into penny stocks, I had to choose an exchange to trade at. I did a solid research on each of them and then made up my mind. I will not be recommending any exchange to you, I will just tell you a bit about each one. You...

Choose yourself a good broker
Amy Tailor   |   October 02, 2007
If you decided to invest into securities the first thing you need to start is a broker. Brokers differ. There are a lot of them to choose from. However not all of them will suit you. Let�s learn the ropes. To start, you need to determine your invest...

Best brokers for your choice
Kelly Summers   |   October 02, 2007
You should already know how to choose the best broker (if you don�t, then read our article Choose yourself a good broker). This time we will offer you brokers who we think deserve your attention. However, please notice that a) these are discount bro...

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